Allen Drexel comments on landmark custody case for Bloomberg BNA Family Law Reporter

Commenting in Bloomberg BNA Family Law Reporter’s September 6, 2016 article Ex-Partner With ‘Pre-Conception Agreement’ Has Standing to Seek Custody or Visitation — on the New York Court of Appeals’ landmark custody case Brooke S.B. v. Elizabeth A.C.C. — Allen noted that, while the decision is “lucid and common-sense,” it reduces but does not eliminate longstanding legal impediments facing non-biological, non-adoptive “de facto” parents of children raised by lesbian couples.  In particular, Allen observed, the decision does not resolve “the situation of the many non-biological, non-adoptive parents who, with a biological mother’s consent, assumed their co-parenting roles and responsibilities after a child’s conception,” an issue which the court reserved for another day.

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